Tooth Extraction - What Is It?

When a tooth decays enough, the bacteria can reach the nerve and that’s when you wake up in the middle of the night in agony. While the dentist may be able to save the tooth by doing a root canal and a crown, sometimes the tooth is so badly diseased that it must be removed. This is called tooth extraction.

Plano dentist, Dr. Christopher Cassidy of Texas Dental Specialists is particularly qualified to get you out of pain fast by extracting the diseased tooth. After a tooth extraction, Dr. Cassidy will discuss with you options to replace the tooth, such as with a dental implant or with an all-porcelain bridge.

Another type of extraction that is common is the removal of wisdom teeth, the four furthest back teeth in your mouth. Because they are so far back, they are hard to keep clean, and can become more easily decayed and therefore more likely to require a tooth extraction.

They can also cause crowding of your other teeth when they come in (they’re usually the last teeth to come into your mouth), which makes cleaning all your teeth more difficult. Wisdom teeth removal is routinely done now with teenagers as a preventive measure, and with adults for cosmetic, orthodontic, or due to the wisdom teeth becoming diseased.

Wisdom teeth extraction is typically done with the patient under sedation, and usually all four wisdom teeth are extracted during the same operation. The patient must be accompanied by someone who can drive them home when the wisdom teeth extractions are completed.

Tooth extraction recovery varies by individual, but for the first couple of days following surgery most patients are encouraged to remain at home and restrict activities that might accidentally loosen the sutures, and a liquid diet is appropriate as well.

So whether you’re in immediate pain, or wish to plan for the removal of your wisdom teeth, Dr. Christopher Cassidy of Texas Dental Specialists is the dentist you should see for your tooth extraction and wisdom tooth removal needs.

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