Teeth Whitening Makes Your Look Younger

Everyone’s teeth get yellower and darker as they age, plus they can be stained over time by cola and coffee and red wine. The human brain associates yellow darker teeth with being older, and whiter teeth with being younger. That’s one of the key reasons that teeth whitening immediately makes you look younger, since white teeth equals youth.

If you want to look younger and more attractive, In-House whitening is the quickest way to make that happen. Teeth whitening at Texas Dental Specialists can be done in a couple of different ways – the primary differences are how quickly the teeth are whitened, the cost, and whether you want to risk teeth sensitivity or burned gums to do it yourself.

Before having teeth whitening done, you need to have a professional teeth cleaning done to remove surface stains and make the whitening most effective. Following teeth whitening, regular cleanings at Texas Dental Specialists can prevent the cola, coffee, and red wine from re-staining your newly whitened teeth.

The fastest way to whiten teeth is by having the teeth whitening procedure done in the dental office. In less than ninety minutes your teeth can be made noticeably whiter without the risk that there will be burning of the gums by the bleach. We offer the In-House whitening method, using a powerful diode laser. In-office methods are typically more of an investment than the alternative – custom take home teeth bleaching trays.

Take-home teeth bleaching treatment takes about two weeks to complete.  You use trays custom created and fitted by the dentist and made just for your mouth. Teeth bleaching is done every day by the patient using the custom trays and professional grade teeth bleaching material provided by Dr. Cassidy and unavailable in commercial products such as Crest White Strips.

Contact us today to book a teeth whitening or teeth bleaching, and be prepared to look younger and more attractive very soon!