Sedation dentistry, also called sleep dentistry, is available in Plano from Texas Dental Specialists and our onsite specialists. Sedation dentistry allows you to sleep through whatever dental treatment you and your dentist have determined needs to be done.

Sedation dentistry is particularly attractive if you need a lot of work done and don’t want to have to keep missing work for multiple appointments – everything you need done can be done in one or two visits.

There are various types of sedation available when undergoing a sedation dentistry session:

The first is called oral sedation. Oral sedation means you simply take a pill that puts you to sleep when you arrive at the office. Typically oral sedation is used because it’s easier to administer and less expensive for the patient, but there is a limit to how long the session can be using oral sedation.

IV sedation is used for longer sedation dentistry sessions, as the sleep drug can be constantly administered and monitored for as long as is required to complete the dental treatment. Oftentimes another doctor, an anesthesiologist, assists the dentist specifically to administer IV sedation and monitor the patient.

Either option is available at Texas Dental Specialists, and our onsite specialists can discuss with you which sedation dentistry option is best for your particular situation. In either case though, the patient must be accompanied by someone who can drive them home afterwards as driving after sedation dentistry is not allowed.

There are other forms of sedation used during normal appointments at the option of the patient. Some patients like to experience nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, during a shorter appointment where treatment will be done because it helps make them more comfortable and less fearful of visiting the dentist.

So whether you want some laughing gas for a shorter treatment, or need a lot of dental work and wish to sleep through it in one or two visits using sedation dentistry, Plano and Frisco area patients can count on Texas Dental Specialists to provide the sedation type appropriate to their needs. Call us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about sedation dentistry and why it may be the best dental option for you.