Oral surgery to treat gum disease, place dental implants for missing teeth, and to remove wisdom teeth is the realm of the dental specialist called a periodontist. At Texas Dental Specialists, we have a renowned periodontist, Dr. Cameron Hamidi, who has trained over 500 dentists in the specialized techniques involved in implants, oral surgery, and wisdom teeth extraction.

Dr. Hamidi also placed thousands of implants personally in private practice, so you know you’ll be getting treated by one of the most experienced periodontists in the Southwest. So if you’re a resident of Plano, Frisco, or Allen, or just want to get the best possible results – give Texas Dental Specialists a call today.

Besides excellent periodontal care, at Texas Dental Specialists you’ll also have access to superb general and cosmetic dentists who integrate seamlessly with the periodontist in a single convenient location to provide cosmetic and general services to restore or enhance your smile following oral surgery.

In fact, Texas Dental Specialists received the 2011 Consumer’s Choice Award for cosmetic dentistry for all of Dallas-Ft. Worth, so you know your smile is in great hands.

Call Della today at (214) 619-6329 to schedule a free consultation for dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, and for an entire new smile! And to learn more, click these links for dental implants, gum surgery, and cosmetic dentistry.