Children’s braces from a orthodontic specialist and general dentistry for the parents is conveniently available in one location at Texas Dental Specialists, located at the Frisco and Plano border near the Frisco mall, at the SE corner of Preston Road and Highway 121.

Braces are a childhood rite of passage, making sure that dental problems that can result from a bad bite don’t impact children as young adults. Braces are also critical to good oral health, since crowding of permanent teeth can lead to gum disease even in young adults.

Finally, there are enough pressures socially on today’s children and teenagers that the last thing most parents want is to add having a bad smile negatively impact their child’s social and dating development along with their self image.

At Texas Dental Specialists we can provide general and specialized dental services for all members of the family. Regular checkups, restoring damaged teeth, and orthodontics are all provided for children and teenagers. Plus, when the braces are removed, laser whitening will remove all remnants of those brackets and give them a new dazzling smile – a smile that’s contagious!

Plano and Frisco adults who wish to straighten their teeth invisibly and comfortably can accomplish this with Invisalign orthodontics. Our dentists have the designation “Certified Provider” with Invisalign based on the number of successful cases done using the Invisalign system of invisible braces. Learn more about Invisalign.

So if you wish to improve your own or your child’s smile with orthodontics, give Della a call at (214) 619-6329, or make an appointment for a free consultation. Remember, our orthodontists create smiles that are contagious!