Everyone should have an oral cancer screening annually. Call us today at Texas Dental Specialists in Plano Frisco to schedule a comprehensive dental exam and oral cancer screening – before it’s too late.

When Dr. Christopher Cassidy is conducting a comprehensive dental exam here at Texas Dental Specialists, one of the most important parts of the process is the oral cancer screening. Most people are not aware that more people die each year from oral cancer than die from breast cancer! Early diagnosis and treatment is critical to surviving oral cancer.

Anyone who smokes is at a higher risk of getting oral cancer. Chewing tobacco however is the worst cause of oral cancer – users are 20X more likely to get oral cancer than non-users.

If Dr. Cassidy observes any potential cancerous or pre-cancerous lesions, he’ll perform an oral cancer screening.  More specifically, he performs what’s called a brush biopsy and sends it to the lab for analysis. If it comes back negative he may still do a minor surgery to remove it so it doesn’t later become cancerous.