Dentures and False Teeth

Evidence found in archaeological site excavations has shown that dentures have been around for thousands of years.

The materials used to make dentures have changed over time, including George Washington’s wooden dentures, but in all cases they were used as a substitute for teeth that had been lost. Today’s materials are more lightweight, and adhesives are improved as well; however, your goal should always be to save your original teeth, if possible.

There are several ways to replace missing teeth, including dentures. Partial dentures are used if there are still teeth remaining, and a full denture is appropriate if all the upper or lower teeth are missing or need to be removed.

One issue with dentures is that they are inherently unstable, making it difficult or painful to chew (but better than having no teeth at all). A new approach for those who cannot afford a complete set of dental implants and crowns is implant supported dentures.

This requires placing a few implants to which the dentures can be attached or anchored. The result is a more stable denture and chewing experience than dentures alone.

If your dentures hurt, or if you’re afraid they’ll fall out and embarrass you, give Dr. Cassidy a call today. They’ll be happy to walk you through options that might make eating a pleasure once again.