Now there are tooth colored options that prevent anyone else from knowing your teeth had been previously damaged – white fillings. White fillings are now the standard treatment in modern dental offices in Plano for new cavities, as well as to replace ugly old silver fillings.

Cosmetic dental repair and restoration like fillings, crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers, dental implants, and bridges are ways of repairing or restoring damaged teeth. Silver fillings historically have been the standard material used for cosmetic dental repairs, but anyone seeing them in someone’s mouth now knows the tooth needed repair in the past. Gold crowns, or porcelain crowns attached to a gold backing, are also obvious cosmetic dental restorations.

All-porcelain crowns and bridges are used by cosmetic dentists, particularly on teeth that are visible when you smile. If professionally matched for color and shade, the best all-porcelain cosmetic dental restorations will be virtually indistinguishable from your original teeth.

Although all-porcelain or all white cosmetic dental repair and restorations are a bit more expensive, most patients would prefer to invest a bit more in order to have the appearance of perfect teeth that have always been healthy. White fillings are simply the way to go for simple repair of cavities.

Here at Texas Dental Specialists in Plano, we combine functionality with aesthetics, preferring to repair teeth with natural looking cosmetic dental restorations such as white fillings and all-porcelain crowns and bridges. Call us today if you want a dentist who wants to optimize not only your oral health, but your smile as well.