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What are Cosmetic Dental Implants?

Cosmetic implants are false teeth used to replace your missing teeth. The crown of a cosmetic dental implant is made of ceramic or porcelain that resembles your natural teeth for aesthetic enhancement of an individual’s smile. A cosmetic dental surgeon is an expert who takes care of every minute detail to get a perfect smile.

A cosmetic dental implant is made of:

  • A titanium screw called a fixture, which forms the base of the implant and is inserted into the jaw bone.
  • An octagonal or hexagonal shape connector or the abutment that supports the attachment of the crown.
  • The crown itself (the artificial tooth).

Process of Placing a Cosmetic Dental Implant

An individualized treatment plan is prepared by a team of cosmetic surgeons. The process involves the following steps:

  • Local anesthesia is administered at the site of the missing tooth.
  • The fixture is inserted into the jaw bone and allowed to heal. Over time, it fuses with your jaw bone.
  • Your cosmetic dentist gets an impression of your teeth and creates a model of your bite. The crown is prepared based on this model.
  • An abutment is screwed onto the fixture, followed by the delivery of the crown.

Maintaining your Implant

Implants can get damaged just like natural teeth. Proper dental hygiene is necessary and includes the following:

  • Practicing good brushing habits
  • Visiting your dentist regularly
  • Avoiding hard foods which may damage the crown


Complications are rare. Some people may experience the following:

  • Infections
  • Damage to the nerves or to healthy teeth
  • Sinus problems


  • Improved appearance and comfort
  • Safe procedure with few complications
  • Easier to bite and chew
  • Long-lasting
  • Improved oral health
  • Functions like a natural tooth


Your dentist may not recommend a cosmetic dental implant if:

  • Your jaw bone is not grown fully
  • You have oral health issues that may interfere with the healing process
  • Heavy smokers
  • Uncontrolled chronic disease such as diabetes
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