Children’s dentistry from a pedodontic specialist and general dentistry for the parents is conveniently available in one location at Texas Dental Specialists, located at the Frisco and Plano border near the Frisco mall, at the SE corner of Preston Road and Highway 121. Our pedodontist is available on occasional Saturdays for scheduling convenience.

Whether it’s a simple checkup – exam, x-rays, and cleaning – or restorations such as fillings, the friendly staff and children’s dentist and hygienist will take great care of your child’s oral health. Plus, both parents and children can maintain their oral health at a single dental location for the ultimate in convenience.

We recommend you get your child on a regular schedule of checkups and cleanings, because we all know regular brushing isn’t a high priority for many kids. Make sure they learn the right way to brush their teeth from our children’s dental hygienist.

If neglect leads to early tooth loss, it can negatively impact how the child’s permanent teeth come in, which in turn can lead to longer and more costly orthodontic treatments in a few years. As with many things, an ounce of prevention is always better than trying to pick up the pieces later!

We also provide orthodontic consultations for children when they reach the age of 7, and our orthodontist and orthodontic staff can provide braces if and when they are necessary.

So give Della a call at (214) 619-6329 and schedule an appointment today with our children’s dentist!