The Truth About Teeth Whitening and What You Should Know Before Heading to the Store

Teeth WhiteningThere are many misconceptions about teeth whitening, making it important to know the facts before you schedule a procedure or head to the store.  The procedure you select and where you go to have it done will make a huge difference in how your teeth turn out.  If you are looking for stunning and beautiful teeth, your best bet is to head to the dentist. Here is what you need to know.

Do whitening products at the store actually work? Yes, they do but they typically only whiten teeth by around two shades.  This is far less than how white they get at the dentist office, so many people feel disappointed with the results.  This has created the idea that teeth whitening doesn’t work when it actually does.  The key is to visit the dentist for dramatic results instead of trying to find them at the store.

How white do they get at the dentist office? Teeth will typically get up to eight shades whiter if you have the procedure done at the dentist office.  This is significant, and you will be able to see a major difference in how your teeth and your smile look.  We recommend that anyone with major stains or yellow teeth, have them cleaned and their teeth whitening completed by a professional dentist in order to get the best level of results.

Does it hurt? No, if your teeth are whitened by a dentist, there shouldn’t be any discomfort.  If, however, you purchase trays from the drug store, they can become loose, and the whitening solution can leak which will make your gums hurt.

How is a teeth whitening procedure done? That depends on what type of procedure you get.  At the dentist, you can have them whitened in the office, or you can have custom teeth whitening trays created that can be used at home.  The customized trays have a perfect fit and won’t leak.  They feel great and produce stunning results plus most people like the idea of being able to whiten whenever they want.  If you go the drug store route, you can buy toothpaste, strips, and trays.  They are available for purchase at most stores, but the results aren’t as good overall.

How does it work? There is typically peroxide inside of the whitening solution, and peroxide can penetrate through the enamel and begin the oxidation process.  This turns the molecules inside of your teeth into ones that don’t reflect color and therefore become colorless.  This creates the appearance of bright white teeth.

Should I whiten teeth first or get dental veneers first? That depends. If you are getting veneers placed onto all of your teeth there really isn’t a need to whiten your teeth as the veneers will cover them.  If, however, a dental veneer is being placed onto one or two teeth in order to restore them, you should have your teeth whitened first.  Veneers are resistant to bleaching, so you want your teeth to be the correct shade before having the procedure done.

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