Teeth Whitening Makes it Possible to Drink Coffee and Wine While Still Having a Bright, White Smile

If you can’t live without your morning cup of coffee, teeth whitening can make sure that your smile looks beautiful anyway. It is common knowledge that drinking coffee, tea, and wine can all stain your teeth. The more you drink the greater risk you are for staining and for your teeth appearing dull and yellow. This can make you appear aged and your smile dull but the problem is most people don’t want to give up their favorite beverage to make their teeth look better. This is understandable because drinking coffee and wine has become part of our American culture. Fortunately, as a cosmetic dentist we can help your teeth to look amazing, anyway. We recommend that you start by brushing your teeth throughout the day at home. This will prevent a lot of stains from settling in, as will drinking water. Next, you should have your teeth cleaned professionally twice a year. We can use this time to remove any surface stains along with plaque and bacteria that have settled onto your teeth. This will make teeth look refreshed and brighter, naturally.

Next, try our professional teeth whitening procedure. This is an excellent way to remove years of stains and damaged caused by what you eat and drink. We can whiten teeth by up to eight shades which can take years off your appearance and make it seem like the pots of coffee and bottles of merlot never happened. There are two main types of dental whitening procedures: in-office and take home whitening trays. The in-office procedure can be done in one setting but requires making an appointment. On the other hand, once your custom whitening trays have been created, you can use them at home whenever you want which means that you can brighten teeth anytime – anywhere. Both solutions are extremely effective and produce dramatic results.

You can also try over the counter solutions that can be bought at a drug store. We don’t recommend these as much because they simply don’t work as well and can cause discomfort. They typically only whiten teeth by around two shades, so the results don’t make as large of a difference. The biggest challenge with something bought at the drug store is that the fit is not customized for your mouth. This can lead to the whitening solution leaking out of the trays and onto your gums which in turn, leads to sensitivity or pain. You won’t have this problem when working with the dentist because everything is created specifically for your mouth so the fit will be perfect, and you won’t experience any discomfort.

If your teeth don’t respond as well as you like to a teeth whitening procedures, you can try dental veneers instead. Veneers are a thin shell that is placed on top of your existing teeth and are made out of ceramic or porcelain. This is a stain resistant material that won’t absorb the stains from your coffee, wine, or anything else that you may eat or drink.