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Improving Your Smile With Dental Veneers

Dental VeneersIf you are considering dental veneers, then you need to know all the benefits they offer you over the other treatment mechanisms that are available. People all over the world are looking for ways to improve their smile, which means having straighter, whiter teeth that have more even spacing between them. There are any number of products that can help you achieve one or more of these goals, but most fall short of achieving all of them with one simple remedy. This is where dental veneers come into their own. Dental veneers are a solution that can be used to fix myriad problems, including crooked teeth, gaps, broken or chipped teeth, and teeth that are excessively stained. There are intrinsic benefits beyond this to using veneers. For one, porcelain veneers require that we remove less enamel than some of the other means we use. For example, when you get dental crowns, we will have to shave away a great deal of the natural enamel so the new crown looks great and is securely fitted. In the case of dental implants, we actually will need to remove the entire tooth and root to make room for the new titanium implant. With dental veneers, we only need to remove a few millimeters of enamel, so if you want to keep your original teeth and simply augment them to make them look better, dental veneers are a good solution for you.

Another clear advantage that dental veneers have is the time it takes to fix most problems. Think about it from this perspective: if you cannot fix your malocclusion, or crooked teeth, with veneers, then you will need an orthodontic solution like braces or Invisalign®, which can take up to a year and sometimes even longer to give you results. When you have to replace a tooth with a dental implant, you are looking at several weeks of recovery time. On the other hand, when you use porcelain veneers, we place them on your second week, and the recovery time is hours, not days, weeks, or even years, as with some of the other solutions.

Dental veneers are some of the most frequently used solutions today, with common problems being easily resolved with their help. Some of the things we see very commonly are:

Crooked teeth: If you have mild malocclusion, you can use dental veneers to get the straighter teeth you want. However, in cases of severely crooked teeth, you will need to get an orthodontic treatment.

Gaps in the teeth: Many people find that they have gaps that are too large in between their teeth. This can cause you to have a less-than-confident smile. In some cases, it can even cause problems with eating and the proper enunciation of words. Dental veneers can be placed in such a way that they reduce and even out the gaps in your teeth.

Whitening: When traditional whitening measures fail, we can shave away the offending enamel and replace it with a thin porcelain veneer to give you a permanently whiter tooth.


Learn More About Cosmetic Dentistry for Crooked Teeth

Cosmetic DentistryIf you have a crooked smile, you should look into cosmetic dentistry for crooked teeth. It is easy to assume braces are the only choice, but when you do not want to put the time and finances into such a treatment, you may be interested in learning about other options. With our cosmetic dentistry for crooked teeth, two of our most common treatments for patients who dislike their teeth are tooth contouring and dental veneers.

What is tooth contouring?

Tooth contouring and reshaping treatment is one of the most affordable routes for fixing crooked teeth. It works best on patients with specific teeth that stick out or are clearly misplaced. During our tooth contouring process, we use special shaping tools to scrape off and buff certain portions of dental enamel in order to create a more attractively shaped tooth. Those that have enamel removed will be sealed with a bonding material to protect it from decay, sensitivity, and damage. In some cases, we might even use our state-of-the-art laser sculpting techniques. Our tooth contouring will allow your teeth to fit together in a more attractive manner and also provide a better flossing ground for your at-home dental care.

What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers, or porcelain veneers, are one of our most popular treatments, not just for improving crooked teeth, but also for fixing alignment issues and poorly shaped and discolored teeth. Our dental veneers are applied to the tooth fronts with a strong dental glue. They are thin, tooth-colored shells that will rest comfortably on your teeth and feel natural once placed. Depending on the state of your teeth, veneers may require part of your tooth to be shaped to allow for a flatter resting surface. Our dental veneers can be created and placed in two appointments, and provide immediate results. Veneers are also more affordable than most traditional straightening methods.

Is cosmetic dentistry for crooked teeth painful?

No matter which procedure you choose, we will make sure you are completely comfortable before we start working. We will provide the necessary anesthetics so you do not experience any discomfort during or following your treatment. Both of these treatments are minimally invasive, so they will not take long or cause discomfort.

Do you provide any other forms of cosmetic dentistry for crooked teeth?

Yes. Our crowns are another common option for crooked teeth that stand out. We can place a crown over a misshaped tooth that will give it a whiter and straighter appearance. When you visit our office for cosmetic dentistry for crooked teeth, we can go over a few other commonly used options as well.

Come and visit our cosmetic dentistry for crooked teeth. Don't settle for time-consuming straightening treatments that will require constant orthodontic visits and may cause discomfort after every adjustment. We can give you the attractive, long-lasting results you've always wanted, in a short amount of time.