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Learn About Oral Health From a Plano Dentist

Plano DentistAt our Plano dentist office, we believe in a holistic focus on dentistry. This means that we will spent the vast majority of your time with us working on preventative medicine versus having to deal with emergencies and situations that may come up. Naturally when you come to our Plano dentist office with a specific problem, we will address it first deal so that your challenges are taken care of. Additionally, we have found is that it is easier to deal with pending problems when we are already working proactively to improve your overall health. Our blog is much the same way. We know that there are a thousand places where you can get information about your teeth. In fact, most people automatically turn to the internet when they are looking for information, be it about holes in the ground or cavities in their teeth. Because of this reliance on the internet a lot of our patient come in with really good information, and sometimes information that has confused them. The reason we have this blog is so that you can get some of your information directly from our Plano dentist office, and then use it as a conversation starter during your next visit. The best place to get any and all information about your teeth is right here in our office, directly from your dentist who knows your individual health history. As a Plano dentist office, most of our patients come in with pretty routine challenges, or for routine maintenance work. The vast majority of the patients we see have cavities, bad breath, need braces, or are coming in for a cleaning. Contrary to some of the alarmist things on the internet, not every case of bad breath is some terrible disease. In fact, it is likely caused by a common cavity or treatable gum disease, if not last night's dinner.  Simultaneously the routine toothache is the #2 reason why people miss work or school, also caused by a simple cavity.

The question we often get is “what is a cavity”? A cavity is a small hole which forms in the enamel of the tooth due to decay. This decay is caused by the bacteria that exists in the mouth naturally secreting acid that gradually eats away at your enamel until the cavity forms. Bacteria exist in all human mouths, completely natural and mostly harmless. The challenge arises when a lot of bacteria is allowed to accumulate on a tooth, or teeth. You will know this kind of accumulation because of the yellowish film that forms on the teeth known as plaque. When there is a build-up of plaque, the bacteria go into overdrive. Using the sugars and starches from the food that you eat the bacteria start to literally bathe the teeth in acid. This acid has little effect at first, as the tooth is able to use naturally occurring minerals, fluoride, and water to rebuild the damage. After a while, however, the tooth is no longer able to withstand the onslaught, the enamel gets soft, and eventually a small hole called a cavity is formed on your tooth. This is a common problem that we can treat in our dental office.

A Plano Dentist Lists Dental Facts That You Should Know

Plano DentistSince knowledge is power, as a Plano dentist, we want you to be informed. This means that we take time during dental appointments to discuss any problems you are having with your teeth and gums, along with making comprehensive recommendations.  We believe that by being informed, you can make healthy decisions at home that will reduce your risk of a future infection.  Simultaneously, the more you know about dentistry, the easier it will be for you to receive dental care.

Here is what you should know.

Cosmetic dentistry is about more than gorgeous smiles. Sure, we can transform your smile into something amazing and absolutely stunning.  We do this every day and love our job.  Still, this is only one aspect of what we do.  We can help you to stay in good oral health as well by cleaning and examining your teeth, treating cavities and infections, and restoring a tooth that has been damaged or lost.  The difference is that we can perform these procedures while helping your teeth to look beautifully natural.

Dentistry doesn’t hurt. Yes, you read that correctly.  The old adage that dentistry is painful, is simply untrue nowadays.  We offer sedation dentistry, and as such, can keep patients completely comfortable.  Whether you have dental anxiety and need to relax or are undergoing a full smile makeover, we can provide you with the type of sedation you need in order to stay comfortable during your dental treatment and afterwards.  When you visit our Plano dentist office, let us know if you suffer from dental anxiety so that we can incorporate sedation into your treatment plan.

Restorations are temporary. Even restorations that are permanent in nature, such as a crown or dental veneer, are not meant to last forever.  They should last for a decade or longer but just like natural teeth can become damaged, a restoration can too.  A car wreck, sports injury or workplace accident can cause just as much damage to a restoration as to a natural tooth.  Simultaneously, some restorations will simply wear out over time.  This doesn’t mean that your dentist did a bad job, just that the restoration served its’ purpose and needs to be replaced or re-secured to the tooth.  You can help to prolong the length of time that a restoration lasts by taking care of all of your teeth, brushing and flossing regularly, avoiding acidic foods and scheduling regular teeth cleanings.

Technology is advancing. Dentistry is impacted by technology just like everything else.  This means that dental procedures are being performed faster and with more precision than ever before.  If you had dental work done a few years ago and need another treatment, expect to see some positive changes.  As technology advances further, we will incorporate it into our dentist office so that you can continue to benefit.

In our Plano dentist office, we love what we do and will continue to help you and your family to stay in excellent oral health.  To learn more about dentistry or to schedule an appointment, give us a call.

Local Plano Dentist Treats Diabetic Patients

Plano DentistDr. Cassidy, a local Plano dentist, helps patients with diabetes to stay in good oral health.  Diabetes is a serious condition that impacts the health of your gums and teeth.  According to the American Diabetes Association, over 25 million Americans suffer from diabetes.  This represents 10 percent of the entire U.S. adult population and that trend is expected to climb until it reaches 30 percent in 2050.  Visiting an experienced dental professional can help diabetics to prevent oral health conditions. Why are Diabetics at Risk for Oral Health Issues?

There are multiple factors that can contribute to gum disease and tooth decay.  The entire population needs to watch out for things like smoking cigarettes and eating too much candy.  Unfortunately, diabetics have to take preventative care much more seriously.  Even those with healthy diets are at greater risk for getting an infection or gum disease.  This is because when diabetics have a spike in blood sugar it prevents white blood cells from being able to do their job – fight infection and heal the body.  When diabetics don’t have their blood sugar under control, their entire health is at risk.

Additionally, diabetes causes blood vessels to become thick and blood flow to be restricted.  Most people are aware that this can cause problems with a diabetics feet and other limbs.  It can also make gums swell and lead to gingivitis.  Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease.  It is uncomfortable but can be corrected with a thorough teeth cleaning.  As a Plano dentist, we can clean around and underneath the gum line, remove bacteria and plaque, and help the gums to become healthy again.  They key is to catch the disease early as full gum disease can be extremely painful, lead to major tooth and root infections, and cause teeth to fall out.

Diabetics also suffer from dry mouth, or a lack of saliva.  This can cause breath to smell bad but more importantly, a lack of saliva means that the body is unable to naturally wash away the bacteria that forms in the mouth.  All throughout the day, saliva is working hard to keep the mouth healthy.  Without it, patients are at risk.  Diabetics should carry a water bottle and stay hydrated in order to combat this common condition.

How to Prevent Oral Health Problems

Diabetics can prevent common health issues by following these tips:

  • Eat a healthy diet.  A person's diet directly impacts their blood sugar levels.  For a diabetic, eating healthy shouldn’t be an option.  A physician or dietician can help diabetics to structure their diet so that they won’t have strange spikes in blood sugar.  Snacking on nuts and crunchy vegetables can also strengthen the teeth.
  • Take medication and insulin as directed.  This will help to control a diabetics’ blood sugar and prevent sudden swings.  Adjustments may be needed from time to time in order to find the perfect balance and dosage.
  • Brush after each meal.  Diabetics should get in the habit of brushing after every meal, using floss every day, and rinsing with an antiseptic mouthwash.  This will help to kill bacteria and keep the mouth healthy.

Patients should visit our Plano dentist office to have their teeth cleaned at least twice per year.  This will keep their teeth and gums healthy while preventing oral health issues.  To learn more about Dr. Cassidy and the team check out our website or call the office.