Here's What to Expect After Your First Orthodontics Treatment

OrthodonticsCongratulations on starting your orthodontics treatment.  Now that your new braces are fitted, you are on the way to a new, better, and more beautiful smile.  Prior to this point, you will have spent several appointments with us. Over these meetings, we have discussed a number of things, like the type of treatment, what needs to be adjusted, and the expected duration of your treatment. We hope that we have given you a better understanding of the momentous shift that is happening in your mouth even now. We also hope that you have asked a lot of questions, but also understand that getting dental work done can be slightly intimidating to a lot of our patients. As such, and to make sure you have everything you need, we will be sending you home with a packet of information that will cover many of the basics.  This way you can review it at home and at your leisure. Naturally we always welcome a call from one of our patients and will be happy to go into more specifics during one of your follow-up appointments.

It takes time for braces to become part of your everyday routine, and this is perfectly normal. There is a lot of adjustments that your mouth has to go through in order to accept the new feeling of having braces attached to your teeth 24/7. The first few days are going to be the most uncomfortable, and some patients will even experience a varying amount of pain which is easily controlled with over the counter pain medications. It is important to understand that this will pass in a few days, and while you will never get fully used to the idea of having braces in your mouth, pretty soon they will be a normal part of your routine.

While you are getting used to the braces, for the first several days, you will experience a degree of discomfort for which we recommend over the counter pain medication. Ibuprofen has qualities that can slow down the movement of your teeth, and so we advise against using a pain medication that has Ibuprofen in it for the duration of your treatment. This typically includes medicines like Advil and Motrin. Instead, we recommend that you take an acetaminophen based medication like Tylenol to relieve your pain symptoms since acetaminophen does not influence the movement of your teeth and your orthodontics treatment. Always take the recommended amount of medication for your age and weight.

Like with many orthodontics treatments, braces come with a level of food restriction that you will need to get used to. There are foods you will completely want to avoid during the course of your treatment as these could damage, loosen, or become stuck in the braces. Though fixing a broken or loosened brace is not hard, it could end up making your treatment longer.  This is why we will give you a complete list of foods that you should avoid so that you do not risk damaging or needing to come in and have your braces refitted or realigned.