Cosmetic Dentistry

The History of Cosmetic Dentistry and the Value of Cement

Cosmetic DentistryIn the past cosmetic dentistry was more of an idea than a reality. In the past, a dentist focused on treating infection and oral health but was unable to do very much for the appearance of teeth.  If a tooth was infected, it had a higher likelihood of being pulled than restored.  In the past thirty years this has all changed.  We can now offer patients multiple ways to restore and replace teeth so that their smile stays naturally beautiful. Dental options started to really open up in the 1980s with the invention of resin cement.  Prior to this, dentists understood that bonding would be beneficial for securing things to the surface of the tooth but weren’t able to do so on a wide scale.  When resin cement was invented, it allowed a dentist to bond a ceramic crown to the natural tooth in order to restore it in a durable way.  Previously silver amalgam crowns were more popular because ceramic simply didn’t have the staying power that it does now.  As more and more patients used ceramic crowns to improve their teeth, other solutions like dental veneers became available.

Following the wide adoption of resin cement, the dental bridge was invented in the 1990s.  A bridge is secured in place by using a crown on each side of it. The crowns need to be incredibly durable in order to hold the bridge in place, resin cement makes this possible.  In the 90s, patients finally had a way to replace a tooth other than wearing dentures. While seemingly simple, the invention of resin cement made it possible for a cosmetic dentist to replace a missing tooth, restore damaged ones, and change the appearance of teeth. Cosmetic dentistry has never been the same.

Smile makeovers were previously an impossibility.  These procedures along with dental implants have now made it possible for patients to transform their appearance and their smile. Dental implants are a more recent innovation that has been gaining in popularity.  Unlike a dental bridge, implants can replace a tooth without relying on the surrounding teeth.  In this procedure, we implant a metal post under the gums and secure it to the jawbone.  The bone and metal will fuse together and as they do, a new root system is created for a dental crown to be attached to. This is a fantastic solution for patients that want to improve the long-term functionality of their smiles.

As a cosmetic dentist, we can meet with patients to determine what they don’t like about their smile and create a customized treatment plan for improving it.  For example, teeth that are stained can be covered with a dental veneer.  If a tooth is damaged, it can be corrected and protected by using a natural looking dental crown and missing teeth can be replaced with implants.  Cosmetic dentistry makes it possible for us to close gaps, straighten teeth, make teeth even and more.  The possibilities are endless, all thanks to innovation in dentistry.

The Latest Trend in Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic DentistryTechnology is always changing, and cosmetic dentistry is no different. As dental technology improves, we are able to help more patients and complete procedure in a more effective and time efficient way. Things like lasers have improved results and decreased healing and recovery times. Texas Dental Specialists are experts at creating gorgeous smiles and using the latest technology is part of that. It wasn’t too long ago that people were stuck with their natural smiles. Apart from having teeth pulled, cavities filled, and crowns placed, there wasn’t a lot that a dentist could do. When people lost their teeth, they were stuck with dentures or no teeth at all. Modern technology has changed all of this and made dentistry as much of an art as it is a science. Now skilled dentists can transform smiles and give patients what they want.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the most fantastic advancements in cosmetic dentistry. This is a three part system that literally replaces lost or unsightly teeth with synthetic ones that look and feel natural. Patients have complete functionality with implants and are able to eat what they want and clean their teeth like normal. There is no extra work.

The process of dental implants is three fold. A metal piece is installed underneath the gum line and screwed into the jaw bone. Over time, that piece will fuse to the bone which makes it extremely secure. A second metal piece is attached at the surface of the gum line, and a synthetic tooth is attached to it. Once completed, teeth are complete restored, and there is no way to tell that they are not the original teeth.

Implant technology has also revolutionized dentures. Patients that have dentures and are concerned about them popping out or floating in their mouth can now use implant technology to secure them in place. This is faster than having a full mouth of dental implants installed and delivers higher functionality than dentures alone ever could.

Laser Technology

Lasers have also revolutionized dentistry. Laser technology is what has enabled in-office teeth whitening procedures to become so effective. When we place the whitening gel onto your teeth and activate it with a laser, the teeth can whiten by up to eight shades in an hour. In one single visit, you can accomplish what used to take months.

Lasers are also being used in teeth cleaning and cosmetic dentistry procedures to increase the accuracy of the dental work and decrease any potential pain. When lasers are used, patients will have a faster recovery time frame.


Patients that want straight teeth used to be forced into metal braces. While effective, many adult patients are uncomfortable with how they look. Metal brackets, wires, and rubber bands, can make it difficult to portray a professional image. Invisalign changed this by using modern technology to give patients an alternative. Now people can straighten their teeth while wearing a clear aligner that is unnoticeable to the general public.

Technology has, and will continue, to change the face of cosmetic dentistry. We are able to perform additional procedures in less time with less pain because of these advancements. The team at Texas Dental Specialists is proud to offer these services to Texas patients. Call us today to learn how we can transform your smile.