Children's Dentistry

We Celebrate National Self-Esteem Month in Our Children's Dentistry Office

Children's DentistryIn our childrens dentistry office, we understand the critical role that a smile plays in how a child feels about themselves.  It can make a significant difference in their self-esteem, and since this is National Teen Self-Esteem Month, it is important to discuss the importance of a beautiful smile.  In children, teens, and adults having a beautiful smile makes a person feel better and have improved self-confidence.  It makes no difference if you are an adult or child, your smile can either help you to feel better about yourself, or it can take away from your self-esteem.  Our goal is to help your child to have a healthy smile, one that is healthy and that they can feel good about. We create lovely smiles in our childrens dentistry office.

When you visit our dental office, you can count on your child receiving expert level dental care.  We pay attention to every detail so that we can ensure their teeth are functioning like they should and also beautiful.  A perfect example of this is when we complete a dental filling.  If your child has a standard cavity, it is because their tooth has experienced decay.  To treat it, the decayed portion must be removed and then restored using a dental filling.  When you see someone with metal in their teeth, it is probably because they had cavities that were restored using amalgam fillings.  We can use tooth-colored fillings instead so that your child can love their appearance, rather than be embarrassed.  Simultaneously, we also have found that many children have teeth that look stained and dirty because they are indeed – stained and dirty.  It is difficult for people to brush their teeth correctly and for some kids this is near impossible.  The result is that plaque builds up on the teeth and begins to create the staining effect.  In many cases, there is no actual staining, only plaque that has built up and created the effect.  We recommend having their teeth cleaned twice a month so that we can prevent this from happening.  You are likely to find that their freshly cleaned teeth look radiant on their own.

Braces and our childrens dentistry office.

One of the most common questions we hear has to do with braces. They have become such a common treatment that children want to know if they need them and if so when.  This is a normal curiosity.  In our dental office, we actually start by trying to prevent the need for braces.  This is done by keeping their teeth healthy and intact.  If baby teeth fall out too early, the remaining teeth will move out of their position and begin to crowd out the space that was supposed to be left for the permanent adult tooth to come in.  As this happens, the mouth begins to change, and people struggle with overcrowding as a result.  By keeping teeth in place, we can help to prevent overcrowding.  If, however, your child needs braces anyway, they can have their first orthodontic appointment as early as seven.