Learn About Oral Health From a Plano Dentist

Plano DentistAt our Plano dentist office, we believe in a holistic focus on dentistry. This means that we will spent the vast majority of your time with us working on preventative medicine versus having to deal with emergencies and situations that may come up. Naturally when you come to our Plano dentist office with a specific problem, we will address it first deal so that your challenges are taken care of. Additionally, we have found is that it is easier to deal with pending problems when we are already working proactively to improve your overall health. Our blog is much the same way. We know that there are a thousand places where you can get information about your teeth. In fact, most people automatically turn to the internet when they are looking for information, be it about holes in the ground or cavities in their teeth. Because of this reliance on the internet a lot of our patient come in with really good information, and sometimes information that has confused them. The reason we have this blog is so that you can get some of your information directly from our Plano dentist office, and then use it as a conversation starter during your next visit. The best place to get any and all information about your teeth is right here in our office, directly from your dentist who knows your individual health history. As a Plano dentist office, most of our patients come in with pretty routine challenges, or for routine maintenance work. The vast majority of the patients we see have cavities, bad breath, need braces, or are coming in for a cleaning. Contrary to some of the alarmist things on the internet, not every case of bad breath is some terrible disease. In fact, it is likely caused by a common cavity or treatable gum disease, if not last night's dinner.  Simultaneously the routine toothache is the #2 reason why people miss work or school, also caused by a simple cavity.

The question we often get is “what is a cavity”? A cavity is a small hole which forms in the enamel of the tooth due to decay. This decay is caused by the bacteria that exists in the mouth naturally secreting acid that gradually eats away at your enamel until the cavity forms. Bacteria exist in all human mouths, completely natural and mostly harmless. The challenge arises when a lot of bacteria is allowed to accumulate on a tooth, or teeth. You will know this kind of accumulation because of the yellowish film that forms on the teeth known as plaque. When there is a build-up of plaque, the bacteria go into overdrive. Using the sugars and starches from the food that you eat the bacteria start to literally bathe the teeth in acid. This acid has little effect at first, as the tooth is able to use naturally occurring minerals, fluoride, and water to rebuild the damage. After a while, however, the tooth is no longer able to withstand the onslaught, the enamel gets soft, and eventually a small hole called a cavity is formed on your tooth. This is a common problem that we can treat in our dental office.