Learn More About Dental Implants Including What They Cost

Dental ImplantsWhen considering dental implants what are the important factors that you should take into consideration? Using dental implants to replace teeth that have to be extracted or have been lost due to some other cause is growing increasingly common. As fewer doctors view this procedure as cosmetic, more dentists are offering the ability for their patients to get dental surgery to place implants. As a direct result of over 3 million people getting implants in the United States, and the growing commonness of this avenue of treatment, it has become more important than ever for you to ask the right questions. This way you can be sure that dental implants are right for you. Are you ready for implants? This is a question you will need to discuss in some detail in our dental office. While there are no prerequisites for implant dentistry, it is always a good idea to know where you stand with regards to your oral health.  We can give you information as to the condition of your mouth and overall health prior to proceeding. One of the few risks with dental implants is the risk of infection and so you need to make sure that you have no gum diseases, cavities, or other potential avenues where an infection might creep into your gums. We will need to look at your oral health history, as well as any relevant medical history to ensure that you are not at risk for complications.

Can you afford dental implants? While there is a distinct change in the cultural view of implants, with doctors and insurance companies now seeing them as a long-term fix to certain dental challenges instead of purely cosmetic solutions, there is still a significant cost associated with the procedure. On average, a single tooth implant can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000 plus an additional $500 to $3,000 for the crown which covers the implant. It is critical to note that this is for a basic, no complications, dental implant.

As the process gets more complicated and if it needs to include things like extractions the price goes up and can cost as much as $10,000.  We will, however, discuss pricing and various cost saving measures with you. We can also provide a payment option or financing through a third party. Additionally, you may be able to request an allowance from your insurance company, which will allow you to proceed with getting a dental implant.

There are other factors to consider when you are getting dental implants. These include things like time. They typically take anywhere from three to six months to fully complete the process during which time you will need to visit our office for checkups and outpatient treatment as well as the surgery itself. While the time required isn’t colossal, you should bear that in mind when choosing when to get your dental implants. Giving yourself adequate time for healing after the surgery, and being able to follow up are critical to the success of the implant itself. We can work with you to plan around your schedule so that you can get the medical care that you need.