Why You Need An Invisalign® Dentist

Invisalign® DentistBeing an Invisalign® dentist gives us the opportunity to work with one of the most renowned and innovative treatment options available. As an Invisalign® dentist, we are extremely excited to be able to create customized plans for our patients and capture every detail of their teeth for a perfect fitting device that works to straighten their malocclusion (also known as crooked teeth).  With the widespread message of Invisalign®, including the customer reviews and advertising, it is always fun to run across a patient who has not heard about Invisalign® or what an Invisalign® dentist can do for them.  Typically what we find, however, is that a broader segment of the population does not know that there is a treatment option available for adults. Invisalign® is designed to treat adults and older teens, who are often in the most need and the least likely to seek treatment for a variety of reasons.

According to the most recent data, only 35% of all American adults have teeth that would naturally be considered be straight. This means an amazing 65% of the population could use the services of an Invisalign® dentist to help with their malocclusion. Even among people who have crooked teeth there are extreme cases. In about 15% of the cases, the malocclusion is so severe that it affects the person's social skills, ability to eat certain kinds of food, and even their ability to talk. As drastic as these numbers may seem, there are an additional 20% of people who suffer from bite misalignment. Your bite is where the top teeth come in contact with the bottom teeth when you bite down. These are supposed to be perfectly aligned, but in the case of many people, they are misaligned. A misalignment (also known as an overbite or an underbite) occurs when one set of teeth protrude further out than the other. This causes the teeth to meet each other in unusual places and leads to uneven wear and tear. Ultimately this can cause cavities and other problems. It also leads to the face not looking symmetrical. There is a huge potential for Invisalign® to treat these folks and give them back the life they deserve.

So the question of the hour is: how does Invisalign® work miracles on all these different kinds of patients? The answer is simple; it is science, not a miracle. Invisalign® works the same way as traditional braces, moving the teeth gradually along a designated path so that they eventually end up in perfect alignment. To do this, your Invisalign® dentist will use a series of aligner trays, which are made of clear plastic and, hence, are almost invisible. The trays are custom made for you so that they fit your mouth perfectly. Worn 22 hours per day, the trays gradually move your teeth alignment .25mm to .30mm every two weeks. After two weeks, the aligners will fit much better and it will be time to move to the next set of aligners. The gentle pressure ensures that the teeth move evenly and do not move backwards.