How Dental Veneers Can Fix Damaged Teeth

Dental VeneersIf you have been in an accident dental veneers can fix your damaged teeth.  Millions of people are in accidents every year.  Whether a slip and fall, car accident, or sports injury, it is common for teeth to get knocked out, cracked or chipped.  As a dentist, we can repair and restore your teeth after they are injured. Many patients ask us if their tooth can be saved after it has been knocked out.  The answer is, sometimes – yes.  If your tooth is knocked out, immediately put it into a glass of milk and call our dentist office to make an emergency appointment.  Visiting the emergency room won’t help as they are not trained on how to correct teeth.  We will do everything we can to salvage your tooth and if it is not possible we can offer alternative solutions like dental implants, bridges, or dentures.

Dental Veneers Fix Cracked and Chipped Teeth

If your tooth was injured in an accident and has become cracked or chipped, we can use dental veneers to correct it.  Veneers are an excellent option for fixing problems with your teeth because the process is fairly fast.  They are placed on top of your existing teeth, so you don’t have to worry about massive time delays due to your gums healing.  If we determine that a veneer can correct your damaged tooth, we will make a mold of your mouth and have one created in the lab.

Beyond fixing teeth, veneers can also improve the appearance of your teeth.  They can be used to close gaps and make teeth even.  Even crooked teeth can be helped with the use of veneers.  Patients with dark stains can have them covered up, and smiles are made youthful again.  In other words, if you are having one tooth fixed you may want to get all of your front teeth done at the same time.  You can have the smile you always wanted in the process.

Before dental veneers are placed onto your teeth, they must be created and shaped within the lab. As a cosmetic dentist, we may make minor changes to the veneer but most of the shaping will be done by a dental technician.  Your existing teeth will be filed down so that when the veneer is placed on top of it, the tooth will be flat with the surrounding ones.  This is an important step for ensuring that your new tooth looks natural.  A cement glue is used to bond the tooth and veneer together.  Once it hardens you will be able to eat and drink like normal, with your dentist’s permission, and care for it like you would all of your other teeth.

Once you have been in an accident and had your teeth damaged, it is important to strengthen them so that they are less likely to become damaged again.  You can do this by having your teeth cleaned at least twice a year, brushing after meals with a fluoride toothpaste, using floss daily, and rinsing with an antiseptic mouthwash. This combined with a healthy diet will strengthen your teeth and prevent injury.