Dental Implants Are Important for Your Health and Appearance

Dental ImplantsThe technology behind dental implants has been improving drastically in the last several years. Along with this has come an increased demand for these prosthetic devices. As more and more people become aware of the fact that they do not have to be stuck with tooth loss, and that there are more permanent solutions available than dentures or bridges, they are turning in increasing numbers to dental implants. Already, over 3 million Americans have taken advantage of dental implants and given themselves a new lease on life after losing essential teeth. The bottom line is that we use dental implants as the most permanent, and hence the most effective, way to replace lost teeth. This is because dental implants are focused on the root of the tooth. Replacing the root with a tiny titanium screw gives the dentist, us, a chance to build a new fake tooth on a strong, stable base. This technology also allows the jawbone to create a symbiotic relationship, similar to the one it has with the natural root, with the dental implant. This combination of a relationship with the jawbone, and the strong, stable base that we create with dental implants gives you a tooth that can last a very long time. For dental implants, it has been an uphill battle to shed the image of being a purely cosmetic device to being a prosthetic that can actually change your quality of life. The truth is that dental implants have a very clear cosmetic appeal. In our office, we can place a dental implant, and then use it to fabricate and place a perfect tooth, in the form of a dental crown, automatically gives itself to beautiful teeth and hence a greatly improved smile. This has led to a misconception that dental crowns only bring aesthetic value. As a result of this many insurance companies labelled implant surgery as an elective, or optional procedure. This is contrary to conventional wisdom that says replacing a lost tooth is hardly an option. However, this label has prevented many insurance companies from supporting the procedure. This is gradually changing as the science is catching up with this popular perception. Today, scientists and dentists know that dental implants do more than give you a pretty smile. Dental implants help to support the jawbone by providing much-needed stimulus, for example. They prevent resorption of the jawbone and is critical to the support of other teeth and your facial structure.

According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, there is a growing need for implants. Even in young adults, aged 35 to 44, the tooth loss percentages are at 69% which is significantly more than half. Considering that there are 15 million Americans who are currently using technology that is significantly older and less effective than dental implants, dentures and bridges, for example, the need for implants becomes apparent. For these folks, it is not just about appearance but about having a long-lasting tooth that looks, feels, and acts like a natural tooth. If you find yourself in this situation, call and schedule an appointment to learn more about your options.