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  • Very well. Actually I really liked their work. Also their prices are very fair. We found them from their app and we decided to have an appointment. The staffs are very nice and doctor. We love them and their become our dentists provider. - Zeinab R
    Source: Angies List Reviews
  • My entire family goes to Texas Dental Specialists. Very very friendly, easy on the wallet and filing insurance. Have recommended to friends as well. Great place to take your family! - Jeff P
    Source: Angies List Reviews
  • The front office staff is very helpful and friendly, even with my crazy schedule! They are always helpful on the phone and in person and at this point know me by name. I decided to go with Clear Correct braces at a discounted rate and so far so good! There was a minor miscommunication when I got my filling; they gave me a numbing shot which also has epiphedrine which causes panic attacks in some that have a predisposition to having them. I had indicated on my chart I had panic attacks, but I don't think anyone was aware of have that reaction. When I did they immediately stopped and let me sit up and helped me to calm down and let me relax before we did the filling. - Nikki V
    Source: Angies List Reviews
  • Very professional and friendly staff. Reasonable pricing. - Anonymous
    Source: Angies List Reviews
  • Everybody is very friendly. Overall, I've had a very good experience. The dentist is very careful when he is doing work in my mouth. So, he doesn't cut my mouth like most dentist do. I think he is very sensitive to the patient's experience. - Dina R
    Source: Google reviews
  • I had an amazingly friendly, yet professional, experience. Everything about the experience was positive. - Anonymous
    Source: Google reviews
  • Everyone that I encountered was friendly and professional. I was seen on time and given more information that an dentist had ever provided. The initial visit resulted in a diagnosis that required a root canal. I am completely confident that this procedure was necessary , and it too was conducted professionally and completely. Would recommend Dr. Swift. - Anonymous
    Source: Google reviews
  • The dentist and staff were very nice and professional. They did a good job. The first crown they measured for did not fit but they got it right the second time. The price was a little on the high side but not out of line for the service provided by the dentist. - Anonymous
    Source: Google reviews
  • She is excellent. She has a great staff. She is very courteous and very knowledgeable. All of the equipment in her office is up-to-date. The office itself is a very pleasant place to be. It is clean and well-lit. - Anonymous
    Source: Google reviews
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Together with each patient we develops the customized course of dental treatment that achieves each patient's goals, supported by a service oriented staff that will make each visit delightful

We’re conveniently located in the southeast quadrant of
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