Now you can get just about all of your general dentistry and dental specialists services in a convenient, single location located along the Plano and Frisco border at the SE corner of Preston and Highway 121. Texas Dental Specialists offers cosmetic, general, and laser dentistry, and then adds dental specialists in the same location for total convenience and maximum quality of care.

So if you need gum surgery, a root canal, wisdom teeth extracted, braces for your children or Invisalign for yourself you can receive high quality treatment in the same location as your general dentistry services.

Texas Dental Specialists offers the following specialist services at our primary location:


For children and adults. We offer traditional wire and brackets braces for kids, and the remarkable Invisalign invisible orthodontic system for adults. We are a Certified Provider of Invisalign orthodontic services.

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To surgically and with lasers treat gum disease and help restore overall oral health. Additionally, our experienced periodontist has placed hundreds of dental implants and extracted thousands of wisdom teeth, so you can trust your treatment to an outstanding specialist.

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Another name for Root Canal is Endodontic therapy. Endo therapy allows us to treat infected or injured teeth, and save your natural teeth from extraction.

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Our location diagonally across from the Frisco mall allows easy accessibility for residents of Allen, Plano, Frisco, and McKinney. For the convenience and quality control of a completely integrated solution to your dental needs in a single convenient location, call Della today at (214) 619-6329.