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Preventative Dental Care From Your Plano Dental Office: Reducing Your Risk of Getting Cavities

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Our Plano dental office provides preventative dental care to help keep our patients in excellent oral health and reduce the likelihood they will develop cavities or infections. Preventative dental care involves several different methods Fluoride Treatments Preventative dental care can be proactive, rather than reactive, by cleaning teeth on a regular basis. We can helpRead more

Plano Dentist Answers Commonly Asked Dental Questions

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As a Plano dentist, we understand the importance and value of education.  We do our best to educate our patients because an informed patient is better equipped to remain in good oral health in between visits to our office.  As such, we take the time to answer questions during appointments and find that many ofRead more

A Plano Dentist Lists Dental Facts That You Should Know

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Since knowledge is power, as a Plano dentist, we want you to be informed. This means that we take time during dental appointments to discuss any problems you are having with your teeth and gums, along with making comprehensive recommendations.  We believe that by being informed, you can make healthy decisions at home that willRead more