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Here Are the Two Main Groups that Use Invisalign® to Straighten Teeth in Plano

Posted at Aug 31, 2016 | Posted in  Invisalign Dentist | By TexasDentalSpecialists | No comments

In Plano, two groups of Invisalign users are most influenced by its convenience and inconspicuous nature. The first is the largest user group and consists of adults. For adults, having the ability to straighten teeth without having to undergo the inconvenience of metal braces is a significant advantage. Additionally, patients can still eat whatever foodRead more

Why You Should See an Invisalign Dentist

Posted at Jan 01, 2016 | Posted in  Invisalign Dentist | By TexasDentalSpecialists | No comments

An experienced Invisalign dentist can transform your smile into something straight and beautiful, without anyone knowing you are having a dental procedure completed. The best thing about this process is that your teeth can be straightened using a clear device that is unnoticeable and inconspicuous. This is ideal for busy professionals, teens, or those concernedRead more

An Invisalign® Dentist Has Solutions For You and Your Teen

Posted at Nov 02, 2015 | Posted in  Invisalign Dentist | By TexasDentalSpecialists | No comments

As an Invisalign® dentist, we are seeing a greater interest in young adults and teens for this alternative means of straightening teeth. Invisalign® has two distinct qualities that make it immensely popular among adults. They are extremely convenient to use, and they are very discrete. The inconspicuous nature of these tooth straightening devices have madeRead more