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Reasons a Dentist Office Visit Should be in Your Future

Posted at Jan 15, 2017 | Posted in  Dentist | By TexasDentalSpecialists | No comments

There are many reasons you need to go to a dentist office. Good oral hygiene is the main one, and we recommend that you visit our office biannually to receive proper care for your oral health. Here are a few questions that people ask us and the answers may encourage you to visit our PlanoRead more

A Texas Dentist Can Spot Oral Cancer

Posted at Jun 05, 2014 | Posted in  Dentist | By TexasDentalSpecialists | No comments

In our Texas dentist office we help patients to stay in the best possible oral health.  This includes looking for signs of oral cancer so that patients can receive the treatment they need and their best shot for beating the disease.  Many people are not aware of how serious the disease is and how manyRead more