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A Dental Cleaning in Plano Can Improve Your Health and Bad Breath

Posted at May 01, 2017 | Posted in  Dentist Plano TX | By TexasDentalSpecialists | No comments

If you need to improve your dental health and breath, a visit for a dental cleaning can help. When you take good care of your teeth, gums, and tongue, you are more likely to maintain a pleasant breath. In some cases, patients have other medical issues that cause their bad breath. We can improve chronicRead more

Milestones Bringing Your Child to Our Children’s Dental Office in Plano

Posted at Feb 15, 2017 | Posted in  Dentist Plano TX | By TexasDentalSpecialists | No comments

As a children’s dental office in Plano, we are intimately aware of the concern many parents have about their children’s oral health and development. We can go over the comprehensive steps to help children have healthy teeth and maintain healthy teeth as they age. The first step is to help children develop a positive attitudeRead more

Visit Our Office for Dental Restorations in Plano

Posted at Nov 01, 2016 | Posted in  Dental Restorations, Dentist Plano TX | By TexasDentalSpecialists | No comments

We provide dental restorations in Plano and encourage you to call us whenever you have a damaged, broken, or infected tooth.  In our dental office, we put our patients first.  Your health and your comfort are our top priority.  We also understand the critical role that your natural teeth and roots play in your overallRead more